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Funny comic strips... :D
Manga pages... ;)
OCs and photography... :nod:

Days of Yore Opening Song

Take the Law
Capo on 3rd fret:
Bm - G - Em - A

Track Available here:…
Used it on this animation:…

[Acoustic Fingerstyle]
I’ll take the law into my hands
Tired of all the wickedness you spread
No more turning back, no reverting back
Just bring it on, bring it on

[Backing Guitar fades]
Bring it on (bring it on), bring it on (bring it on)

[Bm Drop beat]
[Rhythm turns into rock, Lead comes in]

Summon all the strength and all the men you’ve left

I’ll be the demon you so fear
Better call the gods that you revere (yeah)
Bring it on! Bring it on!

Project 'Days of Yore'

Days of Yore - Original Manga Project

*The First Installment of my Paragon Manga Series
**A Cupid and Psyche Dark Redux
***Pages and Panels are read from RIGHT to LEFT

Genre: Dark | Fantasy | Action | Romance | Tragedy | Shounen
Warning: Blood and Gore | Strong Language | *Some Mature Content

DoY Manga Ch2 Part II (END) by Zarashi99 [DoY] Beyond Hesitations - Prologue by Zarashi99 Days of Yore - Ch2 Page49 by Zarashi99

Summary: When gods and kings ruled the world and pulled the strings of the weak, there lived a kind soul who went by the name of Psyche. With all sorts of darkness unknown to her, she served her fellowmen in ways she deemed best. But even so, she was hurt... she met horror... and became the most dreaded creature on earth.

Some say that what's broken is stronger when it mends. But when she uncovers the truth and after a series of life-threatening events that turn her into the very monster she feared would tear her apart, will her soul even go back to the way it was?

**If you would like to support me on creating this manga, you can do so by reading it here. Also, you can donate to me via PayPal. Any amount is appreciated and you'll have my wholehearted thanks. Also, I'll feature you on selected pages and when the manga is published, your names will be there too. ^_^

My Comic Creations

Single Page Colored Comic Strips

*A collection of funny pages I made to share some laughter :XD:
***Pages and Panels are read from LEFT to RIGHT

Fifty Shades of... Anything by Zarashi99 Confident Vs Confidential by Zarashi99 Proud Fathers by Zarashi99 Algebra in Real Life (Comic#2) by Zarashi99 Algebra in Real Life (Comic#1) by Zarashi99

**Check out more of these here: here. Also, you can donate to me via PayPal. Any amount is appreciated and you'll have my wholehearted thanks. Also, I'll feature you on my DoY manga pages and when the manga is published, your names will be there too. ^_^

Watashi no Furagu Kaonta (as of 01/15/2016)

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Over here :3 we aliens
Tue Aug 22, 2017, 1:43 AM
Tue Aug 15, 2017, 2:06 AM
Where dem aliens at? :o
Sun Aug 6, 2017, 8:24 PM
Aiya, thank you, evichuuuu! :squee:
Sun Aug 6, 2017, 8:24 PM
also.. aliens! :O
Sat Aug 5, 2017, 12:46 AM
sounds good :)
Sat Aug 5, 2017, 12:46 AM
Thu Jul 27, 2017, 10:05 PM
Eh, wut happened? :XD:
Wed Jul 26, 2017, 11:35 PM
Wed Jul 26, 2017, 11:18 PM
Peek-a-boo! :aww:
Wed May 31, 2017, 11:46 PM



Hello, guys. :wave:

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Yeah, I haven’t been around that much here on dA lately. I was off working on a one-shot manga that I used as my entry for a contest. After that, I’ve been gaming a lot and then got to printing and bookbinding my work for some friends and relatives. I haven’t done much art (which is sad) but ei, I’m here now.

So… in the past months while I was ninja-style gone, (I may be gone and not posting anything but I still check back on my dA profile and friends sometimes) I noticed I hit a milestone I set for myself years back. I hit 7XX watchers. And I haven’t done anything yet to celebrate it.

I’ve been thinking of a contest and give out prizes. I even did a poll on it (…) and you guys wanted me to award winner/s with Core Membership if I ever hosted a contest. I just checked my points balance and heck, there’s so much just sitting there, I feel bad because I’m not using them. By the way, I would like to thank everyone who donated to me, you guys are too kind!

Going back to the topic, okay then! :) I’m your genie. Genie Dance 

You want Core Membership?   GRANTED! Let’s go!

Contest Prizes: Star! Star! Star! 

Each winner will be awarded either 3-month Core Membership or 1,200 :points: (in case, he/she doesn’t want Core). I will also feature their top 3 best artworks in a separate journal for the contest results.

Moreover, honorable mentions will be awarded 30 :points: each and have 3 of their artworks featured.

Not enough prizes? Don’t worry. I might update this journal with more contest prizes so stay tuned. ;P


*In this contest, you don't have to draw an artwork or write a story/poem. Just read a short one-shot comic and answer the questions below as best as you can. Whoever nails the right answer to a question at the earliest time will be one of the winners. Those who come close to the right answer/s (or those who nail it but answered at a later date) will be the honorable mentions.

Here are the questions you gotta answer:

To Be Announced

So where this comic that we have to read?


Where do I have to post my answer/s?




Star! Star! Star! But wait! There’s more!

Answers should be sent to me in public. Heck, yeah. Public. That means you give it to me as a comment. (Where? I will announce it later.) This is so that we can be transparent with the timestamp and everything. Also, this is so that you can get creative with your input. Copy-pasted answers or ones that are similar in a suspicious way (like, in a oh-I-just-wanna-join-this-contest-for-the-prize-without-reading-sh*t-lemme-rephrase-someone-elses-answer way)… well, I will ignore those answers.

Another thing. Answers, should NOT be edited after posting. Edit them and I will ignore them, even if they happen to be the correct answer.

Two more things!

>> Only one answer per question per entrant. Entrants with multiple answers to the same question posted in separate comments will be ignored.

>> Answers should be clear and (I’m strict about this next part) be posted in this format:
[A-#] <Your answer in sentence form.>


[A-1] He will be serving as her llama.
[A-2] She doesn't trust the shaman.

*Answers not posted in the said format will be ignored. “Hey! Why do we have to have some format, anyway?” Glad you asked. It’s so that:

  1. I know you read the rules, and 
  2. you can say other stuff you wanna say apart from posting your answers. If you have a comment about this contest, you can do so and be able to separate it from your input.

Now, now…

Apart from the contest (which shall be started soon), I will be hosting a RUFF-RUFF-RAFFLE. You don’t need to enter the contest to qualify. This is a separate thingy. You don’t need to favourite this journal too nor watch me or stuff like that.

  • Just tag 3 of your friends in a comment down below and I will give you 1 raffle number.
  • Share this in a journal and place a comment down below with the link to your journal entry and I will give you 2 raffle numbers.

Star! Star! Star!  Three winners will be chosen by our best friend, Random Number Generator, and these prizes shall be given to each of them:

>> 200 :points:
>> 5 Featured artworks in a separate journal

Are you game? :woohoo: Drawing of raffle winners will be done on the same day the winners of the contest are announced.

Wow, this is one heck of a read. ^^; Sorry this journal has gotten quite long. [pause]
Anyway, if you have reached this part, I thank you for reading. Have a nice day/evening! :heart:

See ya in the contest! I will update this journal with the story’s link and the questions soon!

  • Listening to: Xandria - Undiscovered Land

All of those who consider themselves SOCIALLY AWKWARD, raise your hands up! 

18 deviants said Proudly saying, "Eiiiii!" :iconranranruuplz:
16 deviants said *raises hand in secret* :icondizzyplz:
2 deviants said Pfft! :icononionspittake1plz: Sorry, no.


Tomb Raider (2018 movie) was AWESOME!!

//Lara Croft fangirl over here so I don't care what critics say. Tyler - Dancin' Like Nobody's Watchin': 50-px 
//I gotta play Rise of the Tomb Raider soon or I'll be left out when Shadow comes out. O.O
When your beau appears a little bit more feminine than you... O.o 

//romantic date turns into a girls' night out. Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] 
When you and your boyfriend find out that your father and his mother were once romantically involved...


Zarashi99's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Profile picture made by Tobii-onii-chan (Tobyfredson)
Avatar made by Nami-chu-chan (Namiiru)

Youtube link:… (I upload animated skits, trailers, etc here for backup purposes -- just in case flash viewers here on dA are having trouble with viewing my SWF entries.)

Yo~! :wave: I'm Zarashi99, but you can call me Zarashi, Zara, or Ren. Thank you for stopping by~!

Days of Yore stamp by CatkinSvedka
Stamp created by CatkinSvedka

I am the author and illustrator of Days of Yore, an ongoing comic/manga about twisted mythology, darkness, action and tumultuous romance. It's a cliche and myth breaker so it's not your usual kind of story. If you have time, do check it out. I created every page with such passion. I assure you, it will be worth your time. :heart:

That aside, I am a dreamer, an aspiring writer, a budding mangaka, a gamer at heart and a music aficionada. ^_^

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Days of Yore fan button by CatkinSvedka
Akame Ga Kill fan button by buttonsmakerv2
Fairy Tail Fan Button by TheSilverPie

My birthday badge

Gallery Raid list / deviantArt friends :squee:
:iconastral-chan: :iconnamiiru: :icontobyfredson: :iconanimedovahkin: :icondovestation: :iconlydia-san: :iconnadaskii: :icontenkosama9: :icondarkchroniclescom: :iconjennystokes: :iconesu341: :iconartistmyx: :iconhimehisagi: :iconmrbleistift: :iconagawaer: :iconseralune: :iconobelis: :icondeathgoddess231: :icontofuproductionz:

The Gangstas.. :D People who rock! :headbang: Inspirations and awesome people!
:iconastral-chan: :icontobyfredson: :iconanimedovahkin: :icondarkchroniclescom: :iconnamiiru: :iconsakimichan: :iconwlop: :iconwizyakuza: :iconartipelago: :iconvalentina-remenar: :iconapplepai: :iconsangrde: :iconjxbp: :iconkoyorin: :iconjacklionheart: :iconhungary-san: :icongoshun: :iconjessicawoulfe: :iconsandara: :iconnikivandermosten: :iconrikeza: :iconmichelvictor:



Zarashi99 has started a donation pool!
6,391 / 777
If you guys would like to support my comics and mangas... please donate. Any amount is appreciated. :love:

I will use the dA points for giving back kindness to my readers and supporters. I also accept PayPal donations. Helping me through this will get you featured on my pages too. ^_^

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But then again, it's a one-time opportunity. It's not everyday I get invited to an art convention as an indie comic maker selling some of my manga. O.O
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-If you need any icon tell me.
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Happy New Year to you! :heart:
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